• The Front Door of the Office should be clean; it should not contain any Barrier to move in.
  • Water Bodies should be kept in North eastern part of office. It should not be in front of the Office Door.
  • The Center area of your office should be spacious or most probably empty.
  • The Reception of the Office should be in North-Eastern Region.
  • As, Fishes are also considered as Lucy charm, in office there should be one Aquarium with 9 Gold fish and 1 Black Fish. Aquarium also comes under waterbodies.
  • People working in Executive level should be located in South or west or south-west area of office.
  • People working in Middle level should be located in Nothern & Eastern area of the Office.
  • People working in Account department should be located in South-Eastern Part of the office.
  • Lunch Rooms should be at North-Western or North –Eastern Part of the Office.
  • Toilets should either be on South-West or North-East area of the Office.


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Vastu Tips for Office
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