Diwali is best day to please Goddess Laksmi to get wealth and prosperity in life and to get more success in life. We are providing a list of some easy to do things (also known as Diwali Totke)  on the occasion of Diwali to get the blessing of Goddess Laxmi.

 Diwali Ke Totke

  1. Purchase a new Broom (Jhaadu) on Diwali and clean the house with it to remove poverty of house and bring prosperity in.
  2. Donate a new broom(Jhaadu) and incense stick packet in Mahalakshmi temple.
  3. Take a Betalnut (Supari) wrapped in red thread and worship it with Lakhmiji in Diwali Pujan. Keeping this Betalnut (Supari) in locker or safe brings prosperity and wealth.
  4. Do puja of your shop’s safe or tijori or money box, office computer; including all things from which you get income to increase your income sources.
  5. Put some oil and clove (Loung) in a Diya and Worship Lord Hanumana with this diya.
  6. Wake up before sunrise and take bath with kachha dudh(milk) mixed water on Diwali morning.
  7. If possible, then take a coin of one rupee from centaur and keep it in your wallet.
  8. Donate makeup kit to a married woman.
  9. Include a turmeric gland in Diwali pujan and after completion place it in your locker or safe.
  10. Worship Godess Lakshami and Lord Kuber on diwlai night and chant following Kuber mantra at 108 times.
  11. Include Gomati Chakra in Lakshmi puja on Diwali to get benefit in your financial parts.
  12. On Diwali night place a burning Diya at any square (Chouhara) and return to home without seeing back.
  13. Decorate your house’s main entrance from Ashoka leafs; it will destroy all the negative energy of your home.
  14. Place some uncooked rice (Kacche Chawal) on Shivaling in Shiva Mandir (Temple). Make sure that all the pieces of rice are unbroken.
  15. Burn a Diya (Deepak/Lamp) of oil and place it under nearest Peepal tree in night. During returning don’t turn and look back side.
  16. If possible, than keep open the main entrance door of your houseon the Diwali night. It is said that Godess Laxmi travel on earth and goes to her devotees home.
  17. Include 7 yellow Kodhies in Diwlai Lakshmi pujan to resolve yours all the financial problems.
  18. Take a bif Ghee diya/Deepak in the night of Diwali and perform aarti of Godess Lakshmi with this diya after completing the Diwali Puja.
  19. Take a coconut (Naariyal), apply Kumkum, Akshat/Chawal (rice) and place a flower on it and include it in Diwali Lakshmi puja.
  20. To free from Shani Dosh and Kalsarp Dosh consecrate holy water to peepal tree on Diwali day.
  21. Consecrate 21 Durvas (Panicums) to Lord Ganesha during Diwali puja, to get blessed from Lord Ganesha& Godess Lakshmi.
  22.  Apply Kesar (Saffron) tika on your forehead daily. Start this from Diwali day. Godess lakshmi will be happy with you.
  23. If you are suffering from Rahu-Ketu Dosha or Shani Dosha then donate a black blanket to any poor man on Diwali. All the dosha will be finish automatically and Godess Laxmi will be happy with you.
  24.  If you want to get prosperity & joy then include a dextral conch (Dakshinawarti Shankh). Godess Lakshmi likes it.
  25. Worship a combined photo of Godess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu both on Diwali to make Godess Lakshmi happy.
  26. Avoid all types of tribulations and arguments in home during 5 days of Diwali festival, otherwise Godess Lakshmi will leave your home.
  27. After taking bath wear new cloths and bestow holy water to rising sun in the morning of Diwali and perform Sun puja with a red flower.
  28. Donate grain and cloth to any poor man on Diwali.
  29. Chant the Goddess Lakshmi Mantra 108 times during Diwali puja.
  30. Include Shree yantra in Diwali puja and also perform Shree Yantra puja by performing Rice (Chawal/Akshat) and kumkum.
  31. Make Swatika (Fylfot) at the entrance of main gate of your home by Kumkum and Write “Shubha” and “Labh” both sides of Swastika.
  32. Buy a new white statue of Lord Ganesha on Diwali and keep it in home to decrease the financial issues.
  33. Feed the wheat flour balls to fishes, your all problems will be solved automatically. If possible than go nearest river or pond and do the same.
  34. Plant a Tulsi (Basil) plant in your home on Diwali and place a diya everyday in the evening.
  35. Buy a Shree Yantra made by crystal (Isfatik) on Diwali, wrap it in a red cloth and place it in your locker or safe.
  36. Bestow holy water on Shivling in the morning of Diwali, if possible then mix Kesar (saffron) in the water.
  37. Spread a red cloth in your locker so that you may get more sources of income.
  38. Take 3 Gomati Chakras, 3 Yellow Kodi and 3 turmeric glands (Haldi Gaanth), wrap it in a yellow cloth and place it in your locker or safe or almirah to get financial benefits.
  39. If you want to be free from all types of financial problems than bring a leaf of Peepal tree, write “Shree Ram” on it by sandal (Chandan), than keep a piece of sweet on it and place it in in front of the statue of Hanuman Ji.
  40. Clean the whole house. Keep neat and clean every corner of your house, especially on Diwali to get blessed by Goddess Lakshmi.
  41. Bestow makeup kit to one married woman every week starting from Diwali.
  42. If any person establish a Shivaling under the Peepal tree on Diwali than he or she will be free from all the problems.
  43. Feed the first Chapati or roti to cow every day.
  44. Perform Lakshmi puja in Sthir Lagn (Static time), so that Goddess Lakshmi may stay in your house for a long time.
  45. Include Lakshmi Yantra, Kuber Yantra and Shre yantra in Diwali lakshmi puja. As well as include Dextral Conch (Dakshinawarti Shankh) and coconut (naariyal) in Diwali pooja.
  46. Perform Hanuman Chaalisa path or Ramraksha Strot path on Diwali.
  47. Include Basil leafs (Tulsi Patra) in Diwali Lakshmi pooja.
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Diwali Tips | Totke
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