Thise are following proper steps to perform puja:

1. Dhyanam (Prayer or chant the beej mantra)

To Perform Shiva Puja Dhyanam is the first and foremost step. Dhyanam is the Prayer or the Meditation process in which we should chant   Shiva Beej Mantra.

2. Avahana (Invocation)

The Second step to do Shiva Pooja is to worship the God to come into the place of Idol.This is Known as Avahana or Invocation. At the time of Invocation we should recite Shiva Beej Mantra or Maha Mritunjaya Mantra.

3. Aasana (Offering Seating)

The Third Step is to offer Seat to God. As, whenever any guest come to our House we offer them Aasana or a well cleaned place or any cloth, in the same way offer a New, clean, golden throne white cloth to Lord Shiva to be seated.

4. Paadya (Washing of feet)

The fourth step is to wash the feet of Lord Shiva gently by pouring Water as he gets sitted.

 5. Arghya (Washing of hands)

Arghya is the fifth step when the Lord Shiva is sitted and his feets are washed then we offer water to God’s hands to wash His hands.

6. Aachamana (Offering Drinking Water)

We Offer Drinking Water to Lord Shiva in his Mouth that is known as Aachamana.

7. Snana (Bathing with Water or panchamruthas)

Wash God Shiva Idol with Panchamruth i.e. Milk, Yoghurt, Ghee, Honey, Sugar, Sandal Powder as offering Bath and then Sprinkle water.

8.Vastra (Offering New Cloths)

Offer New Clothes to Lord Shiva Just after Akshats and Flowers & Garlands.

9. Yajnopavita (Sacred thread)

Offer Sacred Thread with Flowers and Akshathas with Sindur, Chandan, Loung, Mewa, Nariyal.

10.Gandha (Sandal Paste)

Now put Chandan Paste to the forehead of Lord Shiva.

11. Archana (Offering Flowers)

Now Offer Flowers to God Shiva by reciting his name 108 times and offer one flower for each name.

12. Dhoopam (Incense)

Show incense sticks and Dhoop to God to fill His body with fragrance.

13. Deepam (Oil Lamp)

Show oil lamp to god symbolizing bringing of light into one’s place and life.

14. Naivedyam (Offering Specially prepared food)

Offer specially prepared food to God. Offer Sweets, Bhang, Fruits (Bananas) to Lord Shiva.

15.Tamboolam (Offering Betel Leafs and Betel Nuts)

Now offer Betel leaves and betel nuts to Lord Shiva.

16. Shiva Aarti

17. Shiva Mantra

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