Kala Bhairava is the incarnation of God Shiva. Dog is the Kal Bhairava Vehicle or savaari. Form the ancient times Kaal Bhairava is worshiped by people to get the Powers from the destiny. Kalbhairav Asthtmi or Mahakaal jayanti is celebrated on eighth day of Kartik Poornima or Full moon. Bhairav is the violent form of Lord Shiva. Lord Bhairava is mostly worshiped by Hindus, Jainese & Buddhist.

On Bhairava Jayanti people worship Lord Kaal Bhairav with faith and rituals. People takes bath early in the morning and go to Bhairav temples to worship and do pooja. Lord Kal Bhairav is mostly worshiped by Tantriks & Saints to gain Powerfull siddhis. People propose wine to Bhairav it is believed that to take powerful blessings from Kaal bhairava we should offer him wine. To win Battle from your enimes or be protected from unusual death & negative energies You should Worship Lord Bhairav.

To be protected from all unusual enemies & get blessings from him, you should daily worship Lord Bhairav flowers, Coconut, Sindoor, Mustard oil, Black Til etc, and chant the Kalbhairav Mantra. After Completing Pooja do Kalbhairav Aarti.

Sacred provides you complete solution at a single step.

Kalbhairav Chalisa

Kalbhairav Bhajan

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