• Clean the place where Kaal Bhairav puja will be performed.
  • Paste the ground with the help if Gobar/Cowdung.
  • Seat on a clean Aasan.
  • Arrange all puja samagri in a puja thali.
  • Sprinkle this holi water (Ganga jal) on all puja samagri to purify them.
  • Sit in Front of Kaal Bhairav idol.
  • Light a deepak (Lamp) with Tel/Oil and the Agarbatti (Incense sticks).
  • Begin the Kaal Bhairav puja by offering haldi (Turmeric) and flowers to Kaal Bhairav.
  • Offer flowers/Phool to the Kaal Bhairav.
  • Offer Loung (Cloves) to Kaal Bhairav.
  • Offer Sindoor (vermilion) to Kaal Bhairav.
  • Offer Tambulam (Betel Leafs) to Kaal Bhairav
  • Offer Supari (Betel Nuts) to Kaal Bhairav.
  • Offer Nariyal (coconut) to Kaal Bhairav.
  • Finally, perform Kaal Bhairav aarti with Karpoor (Camphor) and deepak.
  • At the end distribute the prasad to all present members.
  • Now touch the feet of all the elder members of family.

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