Sacred Provide you some tips for the Virgo which should be done this Mahashivratri 2014 to get its immence benefits. Do Lord shiva Puja according to your zodiac sign.

  • Virgo natives should offer water mixed with tulsi to Shivling.
  • Recite Shiva Mahauran on this auspicious day.
  • Wear white or orange clothes.
  • Include sugarcane juice, Bhaang, doob and betel or paan in Shivratri puja.
  • Virgo should worship Bhimashankar Jyotirlinga on Mahashivratri.
  • If you are unable to go Bhimashankar Temple on Mahashivratri visit nearby Shiva Temple and worship Lord Bhimashankar by doing shivlinga abhishek by mixing milk with Ghee.
  • Offer Yellow Kaner Flower to shivalinga.

Shivratri Mantra for Virgo

 ओम नमो भगवते रूद्राय


Shivratri Puja Benefits for Virgo

  • Your Self Confidence will increase.
  • Cooperation of elder brother and sister may enhance.
  • You can maintain good relation with friends.
  • You will be profited throughout the year by Mutul Funds

 Mahashivratri Tips Virgo Images/Wallpaper:- mahashivratri tips How to Please Lord Shiva: Virgo (Kanya)

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How to Please Lord Shiva: Virgo (Kanya)
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