Scorpio (Vrishschika) is the eighth sign in zodiac chart. Pluto is the Ruling Planet

 Scorpio (Vrishschika):  Diwali Tips

Here are some Diwali tips for Scorpio natives.

  • Use white color to paint your prayer (puja) room. If possible than perform Diwali puja near the river. You will get a great success.
  • Chant Brahaspati Mantra every day.
  • To get a good health take Sandal (Chandan), Saffron (Kesar) and Rose Water (Gulab jal). Make the mixture of it and apply it on your forehead.

 Scorpio (Vrishschika): How to perform Diwali Puja

Offer some flowers to Lakshmi Ganesha idol and chant Lakshmi Mantra during Diwali puja, you will get the blessings from Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi ji.

Scorpio (Vrishschika): Diwali Horoscope 2013

  • Scorpio, an entertaining time is coming for you.
  • You will get some time to be relaxed.
  • If you are facing any judicial cases then you may get decisions in your favor.

 Scorpio (Vrishschika): Characteristics

Lucky Color: Red, Scarlet

Lucky Day: Tuesday

Lucky Number: 9, 18, 27

Mahashivratri Tips

 Scorpio Diwali Tips:-

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