Pisces (Meen) is the twelfth sign in zodiac chart. Neptune is the Ruling Planet of Pisces.

 Pisces (Meen):  Diwali Tips

Here are some Diwali tips for Pisces natives.

  • Use white or red color to paint your prayer (puja) room.
  • If you are very frustrated with your enemies then write your enemy’s name on ground from Kapoor (Camphor) and Kajal (collyrium) and rub it from your feet.
  • To overcome from the business losses plant a money plant in your home and keep Ganga Jal (Holy Water) in your prayer (Puja) room.

 Pisces (Meen): How to perform Diwali Puja

Persons who have Pisces zodiac sign should donate frangrantic dhoop and incense in the temples, you will get blessings from Goddess Laxmi.

Pisces (Meen): Diwali Horoscope 2013

  • Pisces, this Diwali your all pending work will complete very fast.
  • You will get credit of the works which you have done in past months.
  • You may also get promotion in your job.

 Pisces (Meen): Characteristics

Lucky Color: Sea-Green, Purple, Violet

Lucky Day: Monday & Thursday

Lucky Number: 3, 7, 12, 16, 21, 25, 30

Mahashivratri Tips

 Pisces Diwali Tips:-

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