Aries (Mesha) is the first Sign of the Zodiac calendar, this Sign represent innocence and self-interest of a new born. Aries are ruled by planet Mars.

Aries (Mesh):  Diwali Tips

Following are some Diwali tips for Aries natives.

  • Use red color to paint your Puja (Worship) room to get big success in life.
  • Do puja of small Ganesha Idol and keep it inside your money box to get fortune and good luck.
  • Make a mixture of Sandal (Chandan) and Saffron (Kesar) and apply it on a white cloth during Diwali puja and keep this white cloth in your safe/vault/almirah/ tijori to save your wealth/money from any loss.
  • Make a Mala with kamalgutta, tied it in a red cloth and wear it on Diwali night.

 Aries (Mesh): How to perform Diwali Puja

Aries should use Sandal (Chandan) and Saffron (Kesar ) paste in Diwali Pujan .

 Aries (Mesh): Diwali Horoscope 2013

  • Lot of hard has to be done on this Diwali
  • There may be a little bit of frustration also on this Diwali
  • Keep passion and avoid any type of investment on this Diwali.

 Aries (Mesh): Characteristics

Aries Lucky Color: Scarlet, Red

Aries Lucky Day: Tuesday

Aries Lucky Number: 9, 18, 27

Mahashivratri Tips

Aries Diwali Tips:-

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Aries (Mesh)
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