Aquarius (Kumbh) is the eleventh sign in zodiac chart. Uranus is the Ruling Planet of Aquarius.

 Aquarius (Kumbh):  Diwali Tips

Here are some Diwali tips for Aquarius natives.

  • Use white or light green color to paint your prayer (puja) room to get immense benefits.
  • Collect Banyan roots tie it in a cotton thread and hang it on the main entrance of your house to overcome the business loss.
  • To get prosperity perform Jagran on Diwali night.

 Aquarius (Kumbh): How to perform Diwali Puja

Worship Lord Ganesha and offer vermilion (Sindur) to Lord Ganesha as well as perform Jagran on Diwali night.

Aquarius (Kumbh): Diwali Horoscope 2013

  • Aquarius, this Diwali you may get some mental tensions in your life.
  • You life partner’s health may be not well.
  • Avoid making any plan or starting new work on this Diwali.

 Aquarius (Kumbh): Characteristics

Lucky Color: Grey, Black, Blue, Blue-Green

Lucky Day: Saturday & Sunday

Lucky Number: 4, 8, 13, 17, 22, 26

Mahashivratri Tips

 Aquarius Diwali Tips:

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