Holi Date: 16 March 2014, Sunday

Holika Dahan Muhurat: 06:26 PM to 08:51 PM

Duration: 2 Hours 25 Mins

Bhadra Punchha: 05:33 AM to 06:49 AM
Bhadra Mukha: 06:49 AM to 08:55 AM

 Holika Dahan Pooja 2014

 Holika Dahan is also known as Kamudu pyre. Holika Dahan is a great ritual in the Hindu religion. Holika dhahan takes place on night of the phalguna purnima of the Hindu calendar. It is believed that Holika dhahan is done just to save the Prahalad, and people celebrate this day as Holi. Holika Dahan is the vital ritual during Holi festival.it takes place a day before the holi. holi is a festival of victory of good over evil. There is a very popular story of Holika and Prahalad that shows why people celebrate Holi. Holi is celebrated in the memories of mytological character holika and prahlad. According to Hinduism, Holi celebrates the death of Holika in order to save Prahlad. The Holi is celebrated as the testament to the power of devotion over the evil represented by King Hiranyakashyapu, as Prahlad never lost his faith.

On a night before people collect wooden logs and waste materials like broken furniture, wood etc from their home and gather it together to burn Holika. It is also even termed as the cleansing ceremony before the actual Holi festival.We can celebrate this festival of color without having any inferiority of casteism and the Richness & Poorness. In the morning ashes are collected by people. These ashes are considered as sacred and are smeared on the limbs of the body as Holi Prasad. Mainly Holi puja is considered for the married women. This will ensures well-being and healthy life of their husband.The first preference to get Holika Dahan Muhurta is during Pradosh while Purnimasi Tithi is prevailing and Bhadra is over.

Holika Sthapana

A wooden pole is kept in the center with beads or garlands of toys made of cow dung which are popularly known as Gulari, Bharbholiye or Badkula.The place where Holi is kept is rinsed with cow dung and the holy water of Ganges.Idols of Holika and Prahalad generally made of cow dung are placed on the top of the heap.Holika pile is decorated with swords, sun, shields, moon, stars and other toys made of cow dung.

Holi Puja/Pooja/Pujan Vidhi

 Before Holika Dahan, Holi Pujan is being done. The person who is doing puja should sit near Holika facing in the east or north direction.

  •  Collect all Puja Samagri in plate.
  • Sprinkle some water on yourself while chanting following Mantra thrice.
  • After this shield, other toys which made of cow dung are kept near Holika.
  • On the Puja spot, sit down such that facing the East or the North direction.
  • Now take the water, flower, rice and some money in the right hand and take Sankalp (Resolution).
  • After the sunset in Pradosh Kaal the Holi is set on fire. As the fire is lit up, the peoples put gulal on head of each other .From the public Holika fire is taken and brought to burn the Holi ash at home. At the end, all men wear auspicious mark of Roli, women sing religious songs and blessings are taken from elders.
  • It is believed that taken of baked crop keeps you away from disease.
  • It is believed that bringing left over fire and taken ash next day to home which helps to protect from inauspicious power. This ash is applied on body.

 ऊँ पुण्डरीकाक्ष: पुनातु

 ऊँ विष्णु: विष्णु: विष्णु: श्रीमद्भगवतो महापुरुषस्य विष्णोराज्ञया अद्य दिवसे ________ (संवत्सर का नाम लें e.g. विश्वावसु) नाम संवत्सरे संवत् ________ (e.g. 2069) फाल्गुन मासे शुभे शुक्लपक्षे पूर्णिमायां शुभ तिथि ________ (e.g. मंगलवासरे) ________ गौत्र (अपने गौत्र का नाम लें) उत्पन्ना ________ (अपने नाम का उच्चारण करें) मम इह जन्मनि जन्मान्तरे वा सर्वपापक्षयपूर्वक दीर्घायुविपुलधनधान्यं शत्रुपराजय मम् दैहिक दैविक भौतिक त्रिविध ताप निवृत्यर्थं सदभीष्टसिद्धयर्थे प्रह्लादनृसिंहहोली इत्यादीनां पूजनमहं करिष्यामि।

 By chanting above Mantra, one is reciting currently prevailing Hindu date, place of worship, his family surname and his name, including purpose of Puja and to whom Puja is offered.

  • Remember Lord Ganesha after taking flower and rice in the right hand and by chanting the following mantra

 गजाननं भूतगणादिसेवितं कपित्थजम्बूफलचारुभक्षणम्।
उमासुतं शोकविनाशकारकं नमामि विघ्नेश्वरपादपमजम्।।

ऊँ गं गणपतये नम: पंचोपचारार्थे गंधाक्षतपुष्पाणि समर्पयामि।

  •  Reciting above Mantra, apply Roli and rice on a flower and offer it along with fragrance to Lord Ganesha.
  • Remember Goddess Ambika and chant following Mantra. While reciting below Mantra, applying Roli and rice on a flower and offer it along with fragrance to Goddess Ambika.

ऊँ अम्बिकायै नम: पंचोपचारार्थे गंधाक्षतपुष्पाणि सर्मपयामि।।

 Remember Lord Narasimha by chanting following Mantra. While reciting below Mantra, applying Roli and rice on a flower and offer it along with fragrance to Lord Narasimha.

 ऊँ नृसिंहाय नम: पंचोपचारार्थे गंधाक्षतपुष्पाणि समर्पयामि।।

  •  Remember devotee Prahalad and chant following Mantra. While reciting below Mantra, applying Roli and rice on a flower and offer it along with fragrance to devotee Prahalad.

ऊँ प्रह्लादाय नम: पंचोपचारार्थे गंधाक्षतपुष्पाणि समर्पयामि।।

  •  Now stand in front of Holi with folded hands and request to fulfill your wishes while chanting following Mantra.

 असृक्पाभयसंत्रस्तै: कृता त्वं होलि बालिशै:
अतस्त्वां पूजयिष्यामि भूते भूतिप्रदा भव:।।

  •  Offer rice, fragrances, flower, unbreakable Moong lentil, turmeric pieces, coconut and beads to Holika.
  • Tie Raw Yarn around the Holika by circumbulating Three, Five or Seven rounds.
  • Put the Water in front of Holika from Pot.
  • After completing Pooja Holika is fired from the public Bonfire.
  • The roasted grains are distributed as Holika Prasad.
  • Next morning, the ash from the bonfire is collected and smeared on the body.

 Holika Dahan Preparation

  • Holika Dahan preparations almost 40 days before the holi festival.
  • People start gathering woods and materials on the important crossroads of the city.
  • Wood is keep at a prominent public place on the day of Vasant Panchami.

 Holika Dahan Traditions | Holika Dahan Celebration

  • Holi Pooja can be performed at the middle of the colonies or any of the places.
  • A wood is kept at any public place.
  • People extend the log centre with twigs, branches of trees, dried leaves and other combustible material.
  • On the day of Holika Dahan, Holika and Prahlad is placed on the huge heap of woods.
  • Next morning the ashes of Holika Dahan from the bonfire are collected as like prasad and smeared on the limbs of the body.

 Holika Dahan Images/Wallpaper:-

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