If you are planning to purchase a new House or planning for the Renovation Sacred provides you some basic Fengshui Tips to bring Positive energy in your Home. In feng shui, color is one of the most important part which have its own importance. Each color has its own meaning and brings negative and positive impact in your Life. These are some tips for the following:

Feng shui colors for kitchen

The kitchen is one of the very important area of the home, especially when it come to feng shui. Your cooking space is where you look after and prolong your life by preparing meals day in and day out. When thinking about how to design and color a new kitchen or want to update your current one, feng shui can help you provide the good implication and supports your health and happiness. Feng shui kitchen paint colors are an imperative part of creating an efficient. White, yellow, blue, green, beige, red and orange are all important feng shui kitchen paint colors. Every color has a mean of it.

White is popular go-to color in most kitchens and it is a great shade to start with when using feng shui in your home. White is a symbol of cleanliness and purity and white makes sense in the space where you’ll be making many meals.

Yellow is another popular feng shui kitchen color. It can create an uplifting and cheerful space for you and your family to enjoy meals.

Blue is a smart shade for families that are watching their weight. Blue has an elegant feel and can instantly calm a busy space. But use of Blue color should not be much. Many Feng shui experts believe that using too much blue can cart off from the beauty of your food.

Green is another popular kitchen color and according to feng shui, it promotes digestion. Choose light green and earthy greens to help create a calm down space.

Red is another popular kitchen colors, Most of the people prefer Red in Kitchen but some feng shui experts believe this fiery shade can create an imbalance in the kitchen when used in large doses. Use of Red color in the Kitchen should not be much.

Recommendation for the Kitchen colors:

if your kitchen colors not match the following so you have many ways to improve your kitchen to get maximum positive vibes. According to feng shui one of the best way is aromatic herbs. Creating your own little herbs garden which smell fulfilled the freshness in the air.We also use the live plants or pictures flower pot from nature.

Eeng shui colors for living rooms

The Selection of Living Room colors should be such that it brings lots of Positive vibes and where you can feel happy and Relax.

Blues and Blacks: These colors are associated wth water element. If you want for laid back felling in your living room then these colors are best for that. These blue and the mixture of black will help you far away for the negative energy.

Greens and Browns: These colors are associated with wood element. These colors provides you the high energy, help in motivation and concentrate.

Red: This color is associated with fire. Small accents of red can look amazing, it is somewhat tricky to use. It is a passionate color that can bring about feelings of love or feelings of anger.

Yellow: This color is associated with earth element. This color provides you the cheerful environment (feelings).only use small amount of yellow color.

Whites and Metallic’s: These colors are associated with metal element. These colors signify the purity and help with proper focus.

Recommendation for the living room:

If Your Living Room color doesnot Match according to Fengshui and you are in search of the things to bring positive energy at your Home keep the things like  Lamps, Paintings,  Scenere etc which brings good Luck to you.

 Feng shui colors for bedroom

Pink: Pink color symbolizes love. A pink bedroom fulfilled the feelings of love and passion in a relationship.

White: White color symbolizes the peace and clearity.White represents a calm confidence.

Blue: Blue color promotes meditation, healing and relaxation.  People who are prone to depression should not use blue in the bedroom.

Purple: Purple color most closely related with spiritual awareness. Light, blue-based shades of purple in a bedroom may promote mental and physical healing and spiritual growth.

Recommendation for the bedroom:

There should be ample space on both sides of the bed for both partners to be able to get to their side with ease. The bed should be placed in such a position that both partners can see the door, but no part of the bed should be right in front of the door.Thses are the main things which improve your bedroom feng shui.

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