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Mathri Recipe

Mathri is Diwali special dish. Most of people make Mathri on Diwali. Here is the Mathri recipe in detail, which make your Diwali softer.

Mathri Ingredients:

Here is the list of ingredients for Mathri.



Sooji (Semolina)

½ Cup


4 Tablespoons

Tepid Water

¾  Cup


½ Teaspoon

Maida (Plain Flour)

2 Cups


1 Teaspoon


Needed Utensils:













Frying Pan


Gas Stove







How to Make Mathri

There is step by step guide to know how to cook Mathri?

  1. Mix all ingredients. But don’t add the water.
  2. Now add tepid water and kned the mixture and make dough.
  3. Cover the kneaded dough and leave it for 10-15 minutes.
  4. Divide the dough into possible equal parts.
  5. Take all parts of divided dough and make ball shaped.
  6. Roll each ball into 2 inches circle.
  7. Prick each Matthri with the help of fork up to 5-6 times.
  8. Now, heat oil into a frying pan. Keep the medium speed of stove.
  9. Put 1-2 Mathris at a time in the frying pan to fry.
  10. Fry all the Mathris until the color turn Golden-Brown.


The quantity, which is mentioned above is enough to make 45-50 Mathris. Sacred provides you the full detail that how to prepare Mathri?

 Mathri Recipe Video

You can find more recipes through Mathri recipe video from here.

Mathri Recipe:-

Mathri 480x187 Mathri Recipe


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Churma Ladoo Recipe: Karwa Chauth Special

Churma Laddo is Karwa Chauth special dish. Most of people make Churma Ladoo on Karwa Chauth. Here is the Churma Ladoo recipe in detail, which make your Karwa Chauth sweeter.

Churma Ladoo Ingredients:

Here is the list of ingredients for Churma Ladoo.

Whole wheat flour (gehun ka atta)coarsely ground2 cups (200 grams)
1 cups
Grated dry coconut (khopra)1/4 cup
Jaggery/Gud (grated)2 cups (150 grams)
Cardamom2 teapoons
Semolina/Suji/Rawa½ cup
Milk½ cup
Pure water¼ cup
Nutmeg powder1 teaspoon
Poppy seeds½ cup

Churma Ladoo Needed Utensils:

Large Bowl1
Frying pan1

How to Make Churma Ladoo?

Find the step by step process to make Churma Ladoo.

  1. Combine the whole wheat flour and semolina in a large bowl.
  2. Add water and milk to it and make a mixture.
  3. Knead this mixture in the bowl to make it dough.
  4. Make 2 inches diameter size balls from that mixture through using rolling the palm.
  5. Heat the Ghee using the frying pan on a medium heat.
  6. Add two balls at a time into the hot ghee and fry these balls until turn golden brown in color, during adding the balls into Ghee the heat should be low.
  7. Follow the same process until balls finish.
  8. Allow the balls to cool after frying.
  9. Now, crush all the balls into a food processor and make a powder like bread crumbs.
  10. Add nutmeg powder and cardamom powder into ball powder and combine it well.
  11. Add jaggery in frying pan with ghee and stir it to melt.
  12. Add ghee-jaggery mixture into wheat crumb mixture.
  13. Combine both the mixture by rubbing the hands until the mixture is reasonably soft.
  14. Rub the ghee into your palms, and make 3 inches diameter balls using hand and palms.
  15. Taje poppy seeds in a plate and roll the ladoos in poppy seeds. Coat it on Ladoos.
  16. Keep the Ladoos in a plate before serving.

Now your Karwa Chauth Churma Ladoo is ready to serve.

Churma Ladoo Image:-

 karwa011 480x186 Churma Ladoo Recipe: Karwa Chauth Special

Churma Ladoo Recipe Video

You can find more recipes through Churma Ladoo recipe video from here.

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