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How to Please Lord Ganesh?

How to Please Lord Ganesh?

  • Devotees can please Shree Lord Ganesha by offering 21 blades of Durva Grass.
  • Devotees can please Lord Ganapati by offering Modak/Motichoor ke ladoo during Ganesh puja.
  • Worship Bhagwan Ganesh on Wednesday to please him.

What are benefits of Ganesh puja?

  • Lord Ganesha worship reduces physical and mental stress.
  • Your intellect powers get sharpens.
  • The raja-tama in the worshiper is smashed.
  • Your vital energy increases.
  • Your Adnya-chakra is activated.
  • The subtle body of the worshiper is purified.
  • The worshiper’s all monetary difficulties go off.

 When should we do Ganesh Puja?

  • Wednesday is the best day for worshipping lord Ganesha.
  • Ganesh Chaturthi is the auspicious day for Ganesh pujan.
  • Worship Ganesha before starting any new business/new work /before starting any auspicious puja or marriage.

 Why we should do Ganesh Puja?

  • According to astrology, Wednesday is considered the day of planet Mercury, which is believed to be the planet of success, lord Ganesha is also the lord of success. If Mercury is weak in your horoscope then you must worship lord Ganesha on Wednesdays. It will also bring good luck and fortune in your life.

5 essential things for Ganesh Puja
1.      Modak
2.      Dhruva Grass
3.      Marigold/Genda
4.      Conch Shell/Shankh
5.      Fruits(Banana/Sugarcane)
Where to Place Ganesha Idol At Home?

  • The back of Ganesh idol should always be facing wall not any door or window of the room.
  • Never place Lord Ganesha Idol in Southern direction of house.
  • Best direction to place Ganpati Idol is east or west.
  • Northeast corner of your home is best location to worship Lord Ganesha.
  • Never place the Ganesha idol across a wall that is attached to the bathroom.
  • Always put pure metal Lord Ganesha Idol in Home.
  • Never place Lord Ganesha Idol under staircase of your home.

Ganesha Wallpaper/Images:-

How to Please Lord Ganesh How to Please Lord Ganesh?

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Kal Bhairav

Kala Bhairava is the incarnation of God Shiva. Dog is the Kal Bhairava Vehicle or savaari. Form the ancient times Kaal Bhairava is worshiped by people to get the Powers from the destiny. Kalbhairav Asthtmi or Mahakaal jayanti is celebrated on eighth day of Kartik Poornima or Full moon. Bhairav is the violent form of Lord Shiva. Lord Bhairava is mostly worshiped by Hindus, Jainese & Buddhist.

On Bhairava Jayanti people worship Lord Kaal Bhairav with faith and rituals. People takes bath early in the morning and go to Bhairav temples to worship and do pooja. Lord Kal Bhairav is mostly worshiped by Tantriks & Saints to gain Powerfull siddhis. People propose wine to Bhairav it is believed that to take powerful blessings from Kaal bhairava we should offer him wine. To win Battle from your enimes or be protected from unusual death & negative energies You should Worship Lord Bhairav.

To be protected from all unusual enemies & get blessings from him, you should daily worship Lord Bhairav flowers, Coconut, Sindoor, Mustard oil, Black Til etc, and chant the Kalbhairav Mantra. After Completing Pooja do Kalbhairav Aarti.

Sacred provides you complete solution at a single step.

Kalbhairav Chalisa

Kalbhairav Bhajan

Kalbhairav Image:-

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How to Please Lord Shiva

  • To Please Lord Shiva devotees should do Shiva Abhishiek. Shiva Abhishiek has much importance according to Shiva Purana. There are six different dravyas which have much importance in shiva Abhishiek that includes Milk, yoghurt, Honey, Ghee, Sugar and Water. There are different hymns which should be recited at the time of Shiva Abhishiek among them Sri Rudram, Chamakam and Dasa Shanthi are the most important hymns that is to be recited.
  • Pour Holy Water Ganaga Jal on Shiva Linga every Monday.
  • To Please Lord Shiva having fast on Shravana Month gives you immense blessings from Lord Shiva.
  • By pouring holy water (Ganga Jal) on Shiva Ling on Monday.
  • It is also believed that there should be Narmedswar Shivlinga in the house.
  • To Please Lord Shiva you should wear Rudraksha Mala which protects you from Negative energies.
  • Chant Mahamritunjaya Mantra in the morning. It is also believed that Devotees should not recite Mahamrityunjaya Mantra in the evening.

Benefits of Shiva Puja

  • Unmarried Women worship lord shiva to get married soon and may get an idol husband like Lord Shiva.
  • Married women pray for the long life and the good health of their Husband and child.
  • It is also believed that Monday is the day of Lord Shiva so while doing Shiva Pooja on Monday will bless you with good Husband and wife.
  • Shiva Puja removes obstacles from life.
  • Boots your Knowledge & Health.
  • You will be blessed with prosperity, peace, Harmony and Marriage.

 When should we do Shiva Puja?

Worshipping Lord Shiva in the Sawan Month has much significance. As, Monday is the day dedicated to Lord Shiva so the Monday within the Saawan Month is most important to do Shiva Puja. To complete the Shiva Pooja keep fast on each Monday. Read Laghurudra, Maharudra and Atirudra Path on every Monday.

The day to please Lord Shiva is the monthly Shivratri, Ekadashi, Poornima, Amavasya, Month of Shravan, Teej and Mahashivratri Festival.

Why we should do Shiva Puja?

  • Unmarried Girls do Lord Shiva fast which is known as 16 Somwar for the considered to be idol husband like Lord Shiva.
  • Married Women keep fast for wellbeing and long Life of their Husband and childrens.
  • To attain a satisfactory life make all offering to Lord Shiva.
  • To become knowledgeable and intelligent light a lamp in the evening in front of Lord Shiva.
  • To get a new vehicle please Lord Shiva by bathing him with Curd.
  • To attain Salvation devotes should take bath in the Holly River like Ganga.
  • To be blessed with Health wealth and Prosperity offer Honey, Ghee and Sugarcane to Lord Shiva.
  • If the person makes offerings in the form of honey, ghee and sugarcane he would be blessed with wealth and prosperity

Why Shouldn’t We Put Shiva Ling At Home?

Most of the people have this question in their mind that weather to keep Shivalinga at home or not. People also have some myth behind it. But It is believed that if you are having a Shivlinga in the temple at your Home then You should do his Pooja by Following Proper Rituals like doing Abhishiek at a particular time and offering Naivedayam to him. It is also believed that if You are unable to do shiva Ahishiek Puja then Keep that Shivalinga at your Nearby Temple.

Rules of  Shiva Puja

  • Whenever you prepare Panchamirt, never keep Milk, curd in the Bronze metal.
  • You should keep your fingers in water, milk ghee etc becoz Touching of nails makes it unauspicious.
  • The flower of Champa should not be used in Shiva puja.
  • The Bael Patra used in Shiva Puja should be of three uncut Leaves.
  • In Shiva Puja always offer Coconut without breaking it.
  • Tulsi Leaves are not offered to Lord Shiva or Parvati.
  • Kumkum and Haldi are not offered to Lord Shiva.
  • After Shiva Puja oblations should be thrown in the running water, Lake , sea and if not possible keep in the flower pot of your Home or trees except Tulsi or peepal.
  • At the time of reciting Shiva Mantra always sit on Woolen clothes and offer Akshat and flowers to Shivalinga.
  • Never use Steel utensils for Abhishiek.
  • Never put the Shiva Abhishiek Water in the Tulsi.


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Shiva Puja Images/Wallpaper:-

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