Chhath Puja is also known as Surya Shashti or Dala Chhath or Surya Puja. According to Hindu Panchang Chhath Puja is celebrated on Sixth day of Kartik month, just after the Diwali.

Chhath Pooja is completely dedicated to Lord Sun (Surya). The rising sun is worshiped on this day. “Araghya” is offered to Lord Sun (Surya) on this day. It is said that Pandavas and his wife Draupadi performed the Chhath puja at very first time to get their kingdom and to solve their problems. And finally they got help from the Lord Sun after performing Chhath puja.

 Chhath Puja 2013

Chhath Puja Date = 8 November 2013

Chhath Puja Time = Chhath puja is performed in the early morning at the time of sun rising.

Chhath puja festival is celebrated till 4 days. First day is known as Nahay Khay (Bathe & Eat). Second day is known as Kharna or Lohanda. Third day is celebrated as Chhath festival. And the last day is known as Paarran.

Chhath Puja Samagri

Find the list of Chhath Puja Samagri here:

Camphor (Kapoor)

Coin (Dakshina)

Cotton Balls (Batti)

Deepak (Lamp)



Holy Water

Idol of Lord Ganesha

Idol of Lord Surya

Incense Sticks (Agarbatti)

Khajur (Date)

Kumkum (Roli)

Matchbox (Maachis)

Paan (Betal Leafs)


Puja Thali

Red Cloth

Red Sandal (Laal Chandan)

Rice (Chawal/Akshat)

Sandal (Chandan)

Supari (Betal Nuts)

Vrat Katha Book

Wheat (Anaaj)

White Flowers

Chhath Puja Vidhi | Surya Pooja Vidhi

 Here is step by step process of Chhath Puja.

  1. First of all take the red cloth and spread it on a holy area or puja sthaan.
  2. Put idols of Ganesha/Ganpati and lord Surya on the red cloth.
  3. Start puja, put Kumkum (Roli) on the forhead of Lord Ganesha and Lord Surya.
  4. Put rice (Chawal) on the forhead of both the idols. Make sure that all the pieces of rice must unbroken.
  5. Lit incense sticks (Agarbatti) in front of both the idols.
  6. Lit Deepak of Ghee in front of both the idols and offer fruits to Lord Ganpati and Lord Surya.
  7. Read the Chhath puja Vrat katha.
  8. Take little Chandan (Sandal) and keep it in your mouth until the sun rises.
  9. After taking the Chandan (Chandan) in mouth you can either sit or remain stand till the sun rises.
  10. Go to Sun Temple (Surya Mandir).
  11. After sunrising perform the sun puja by follow the same steps.
  12. Offer kumkum (Roli), Rise, and flower to rising sun.
  13. Offer holy water to rising sun.
  14. Distribut the Khajur (Date) to your relatives.

Surya Bhagwan Ki Aarti | Surya Aarti

You can sing Surya Aarti after completing Chhath puja.

Surya Aarti

Ganpati Aarti

Surya Mantra | Surya Puja Mantra

You can also chant the Surya mantra during the Chhath puja.

Surya Mantra

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