Mantra has a very important place in Indian religions especially in Hindu Religion. Mantra is basically a Sanskrit term for a sound, syllable, religious word, or group of religious words. Mantra is derived from Sanskrit word “mantrana” meaning advice or suggestion.

Mantras are capable of stimulating the emotions and generate idea in mind. Affect of Mantra is on both person i.e. one who is chanting mantras and other who is listening it. Each mantra has a different sound, meaning and purpose. Mind gets completely engaged when we chant mantra and provide us with a positive energy.

Mantras are generally chants for religious worship/pooja, to please god or goddess, for healing, to get a particular benefit, meditation, etc. Sound, accent, and pronunciation are very important in the recitation of mantras and to get good results.

List  of Hindi/Sanskrit/ Hindu Mantras

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